Sam Edenborough

Sam handles translation rights on behalf of Greyhound Literary’s clients and is building his own list of authors.

He began his career at A.M. Heath, then moved to Andrew Nurnberg Associates where he started selling translation rights. From 2001 – 2021 he worked at ILA, a specialist translation rights agency, where he sold rights for a wide range of English-language authors, including many prize winners and global bestsellers.  In January 2022 Sam joined Greyhound Literary as a director, to represent translation rights for the agency’s clients throughout the world.

He served as President of the Association of Authors’ Agents from  2014 to 2016.

Sam is a keen musician, and was a founding member of the international publishing band Half on Signature, playing tenor and alto sax with them from 2005 until their last gig in 2017.

Sam’s tastes in books are extremely broad and influenced by his many years as a rights agent. Some of his passions include: a stylishly-crafted thriller; a funny, feel-good romance with a great hook; most kinds of science fiction and fantasy (particularly hard SF that explores the biggest questions about what it means to be human); fiction and non-fiction which engages with landscape or the sea in a profound and original way; books about jazz and classical music and musicians; historians and novelists who challenge us to rethink comfortable assumptions about an era or a culture; and scientists working in complex fields of study who are able to communicate ideas to a wide readership with verve.

Sam won’t consider poetry, plays or screenplays, but he welcomes submissions of work intended for adult readers in the areas suggested above and is always open to being happily surprised by the unexpected.


We are actively looking for new clients and welcome submissions in the following areas: fiction, both commercial and literary; non-fiction, in particular biography, cookery, history, humour, memoir, music, politics, sport and wellbeing and lifestyle; and children’s fiction and non-fiction.

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