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De klassieke wereld in 52 ontdekkingen

Agent : Sam Edenborough
Adult •
De klassieke wereld in 52 ontdekkingen
Publication date :
October 2018
  • Balans (World All Languages)

In this richly illustrated book, archaeologist Leonard Rutgers takes the reader on a fascinating tour through many well-known and lesser-known monuments from the ancient world. Discussing archaeological finds from around the Mediterranean, he points out how this period in human history continues to matter today.

Ranging from the Parthenon Marbles to fake mummies, from the architectural ingenuity of the Colosseum to the eating habits of Rome's early Christians, and from an ancient Egyptian wooden foot prosthesis to a rabbi involved in piracy, Rutgers’ discussions bring the past and the people that shaped it back to life in a refreshing manner.

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