Hywel Williams

Hywel Williams is a historian, commentator, and broadcaster. His books include The Age of Chivalry: Culture and Power in Medieval Europe 950-1450; Emperor of the West: Charlemagne and the Carolingian Empire; Sun Kings: A History of Kingship; Cassell’s Chronology of World History: Dates, Events and Ideas that Made History; Days that Changed the World; Guilty Men: Conservative Decline and Fall; Britain’s Power Elites, In Our Time: A History of Oratory, and The Seven Ages of Britain. 
His television credits, as writer and presenter, include documentaries on David Lloyd George, Pope Benedict XV, contemporary architecture, Britain’s coal industry, a six-part international history of the late 20th century, Promised Land, a social and economic history of post 1945 Wales, and How Empires Fall, a six-part series on the decline of the Roman, British, Dutch, Spanish, French and Ottoman empires.

Genres: History, Non-Fiction


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