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Tofu Tasty

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Tofu Tasty
Publication date :
September 2021
  • Pavilion (World All Languages)

‘There are so many recipes in here that have me planning all manner of meals to look forward to.’ – Nigella Lawson

Tofu Tasty will revolutionise the way we think and cook with tofu forever. Never tasteless, never boring and definitely not just for vegetarians, tofu is an exciting ingredient and Tofu Tasty is here to challenge you into cooking new and inspiring dishes.

With 60 vibrant recipes, Bonnie Chung explores a wide variety of tofu-based dishes. From textures you might be familiar with: crispy, soft, mashed and silken, to lesser-known varieties, including dried and fermented tofu, there are inspirational savoury and sweet dishes for every occasion. You can even learn how to make your own tofu from scratch! Drawing on influences that span across Asia, all the dishes are centred around vegetarian recipes that put tofu centre stage with extra twists for adding fish and meat included.

The recipe chapters are arranged into sections by texture:

Crispy Tofu: including Bookshop Katsu curry, Panko tofu bao and Tofu Miso Dengaku

Soft & Chunky Tofu: including Ma Po tofu, Smoked tofu okonomiyaki and Indo-Chinese chilli tofu

Mashed Tofu: including Chilli butter turmeric tofu scramble, Tofu Shirae salad and Miso tofu celery wantons

Silken Tofu: including Fully-loaded spicy Xi'an cold tofu, Hot & Sour Soup and Korean tofu stew

Fermented Tofu: including Red fermented tofu cauliflower steaks and Triple tofu Banh Mi

Dried & Fried Tofu: including Tofu & mushroom Dan Dan noodles and Miso soup with aburaage and deep-fried aubergine

Sweet Tofu: including Baked Matcha tofu cheesecake and Tofu Fa pudding

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