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The School Mum's Notebook

Agent : Julia Silk
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The School Mum's Notebook
Publication date :
August 2019
  • Hutchinson (World All Languages)

The School Mum's Notebook is the third sanity saving journal in the 'Notebooks For Mums' series which includes the bestselling The New Mum's Notebook and The Not-So-New Mum's Notebook.

Amy Ransom writes, "Sending your child off to school can feel like the end of an era; lots of mums naturally feel very anxious. I've done the first year at primary school three times now; in this organiser is everything I wish I'd known. Settling your child in. Making friends. The crazy language of phonics. Supporting their learning at home. Who's reading better than who. And how many extra curricular activities does your child really need to do? There’s so much to grasp and it can feel overwhelming.

The School Mum's Notebook will help you see that every child's school journey is wonderfully unique and each learns at their own pace. It will give you advice on preparing for that first day, surviving the first year and everything that comes in between, with pages of reassurance, tips and self-care as well as a diary page for every week of the school year, to keep you organised.

This is the beginning of a truly amazing chapter for you both. You are about to see things you didn’t even know your child was capable of. And you have the best seat in the house."

- Over 200 colour pages including articles, diary pages, affirmations and simple recipes

- For mums in the first year of primary school

- Divided into the three terms of the school year

- Start the Notebook at ANY point and use the contents page to dip in and out

- 38 double-spread diary pages for every week (Mon-Sun) of the school year

- Not just for 'first time' new school mums but any mum starting school with a sibling, who wants a refresher or keepsake record

- Perfect 'starting school' gift from partners, grandparents or anyone wishing to mark this special time in a mum and child's life.