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The Esquimaux

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The Esquimaux
Publication date :
July 2017
  • Silvertail Books (UK & Commonwealth)
Rights sold
  • Audible Inc (English/World audio rights)

A spellbinding, wonderful story from the sea' John Sweeney

The North Atlantic, 1816.

John Sackhouse, a native Greenlander, drifts in his kayak perilously close to death. He is rescued by a passing whaler whose captain, the enigmatic Owen Chase, believes John is a gift from God destined to lead his ship to untold riches.

But the ship’s crew do not trust John and decide he must be done away with – until a spectacular event changes everything. Soon the ship is bound for the bustling port of Nantucket where John must learn to cope with his celebrity status and the strange customs of a new land.

Then he meets Owen’s wife, the beautiful and bold Isobel, and, to his dismay, falls for her. As this love triangle intensifies, John also finds himself entangled in the murderous intrigue of rival whaleship companies. And beneath it all is the dark secret of John’s past.

Inspired by the incredible true story of John Sackhouse, The Esquimaux is a thrilling and unforgettable novel about greed and lust and the difficulties of love, friendship and acceptance.

Tom Tivnan was born in Massachusetts and educated at the University of Massachusetts and University of Strathclyde. He worked as a bookseller and journalist in Rome, Budapest, Hamburg, Edinburgh and Glasgow before settling in London in 2007. The Esquimaux is his first novel.