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The Equal Parent: How Sharing the Load Helps the Whole Family Thrive

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The Equal Parent: How Sharing the Load Helps the Whole Family Thrive
Publication date :
March 2023

All parents and would-be parents should read this book. It will change their lives.’ Mary Ann Sieghart, journalist and bestselling author of The Authority Gap

  • Why do mothers wake first when their baby cries at night?
  • Why do fathers take so little time off work to bond with their newborn babies?
  • Why are mothers never praised for being ‘hands on’?
  • Is there a biological difference in mothers’ and fathers’ parenting instincts?
  • Why do nurseries and schools often call mothers first when there is a problem?
  • Why don’t we expect fathers to have a more active role in caring for their children?

As a new father and Head of Investigations at The Times, Paul Morgan-Bentley found himself lying awake in bed one night after settling his three-month-old back to sleep. With all these questions buzzing in his mind, he decided to go on a mission to answer them.

Drawing on his own personal experience of fatherhood – from the utter joy to the sometimes overwhelming panic Paul and his husband felt caring for their new-born son, to the chemist who calls Paul ‘MummyDaddy’ and the juggle of nursery pick-ups with work deadlines, Paul delves into what it really means to share the parental load.

With a range of case studies, research from around the world, and conversations with leading scientists, The Equal Parent explores the truths behind the falsehoods about parenting roles – and why challenging these myths to achieve parenting equality will benefit all of us: mothers, fathers and, most importantly, our children.

A myth-busting must-read about creating parenting equality for fans of Caitlin Moran, The Danish Way of Parenting and The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read.

‘With rigorous research and compelling personal insight, The Equal Parent is an essential interrogation of the inequities of modern parenting. This book will change the way you see your family.’ Leah Hazard, Sunday Times bestselling author of Womb

The Equal Parent is an important book – an antidote to the many misconceptions surrounding parenthood. Thoughtful and encouraging, it is an inspiring look at how parenting can be.’ Catherine Cho, author of Inferno: A Memoir of Motherhood and Madness

An incredible book on parenthood.’ Ziauddin Yousafzai

‘A really valuable book, written with great insight and warmth.’ Brian Viner, author and critic

‘A timely, humane and very welcome read.’ Sarah Blaffer Hrdy, author of Mother Nature and Mothers and Others