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The Book of Human Skin

Agent : Charlotte Atyeo
Adult •
The Book of Human Skin
Publication date :
April 2010
  • Bloomsbury (UK & Commonwealth)

The book of human skin is a large volume with many pages of villainy writ upon it.

There are people who are a disease, you know.

13 May, 1784, Venice: Minguillo Fasan, heir to the decaying, gothic Palazzo Espagnol, is born. Yet Minguillo is no ordinary child: he is strange, devious and all those who come near him are fearful. Twelve years later Minguillo is faced with an unexpected threat to his inheritance: a newborn sister, Marcella. His untempered jealousy will condemn his sister to a series of fates as a cripple, a madwoman and a nun. But in his insatiable quest to destroy her, he may have underestimated his sister's ferocious determination, and her unlikely allies who will go to extraordinary lengths to save her...