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Scoundrels : Her Majesty's Pleasure (vol. 3)

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Scoundrels : Her Majesty's Pleasure (vol. 3)
Publication date :
December 2021
  • Black Door Press (UK & Commonwealth)

Revolving around the infamous gentlemen's club of London, Scoundrels: Her Majesty's Pleasure concludes the combative joint memoirs of adventurer-spies Major Cornwall and Major Trevelyan. In this satisfying final denouement, Britannia is under attack] The Majors mount a daring jailbreak at London Zoo, play for their lives in a Monte Carlo casino, and stage a coup under the African sun, as they seek revenge on their Moriarty-like nemesis, Gruber Hansclapp. 

The stage is set for a right royal rumble at the heart of the British Establishment - which goes some way to explain why the Majors have been under house arrest for the last thirty years.