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Scoundrels (vol. 1)

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Scoundrels (vol. 1)
Publication date :
March 2017
  • Black Door Press (UK & Commonwealth)
Film & TV rights
Black Magic Ltd

Spanning much of the 20th Century, and revolving around the infamous gentlemen’s club of London, SCOUNDRELS is the jaw-dropping memoirs of the disreputable spies, Major Cornwall and Major Trevelyan.

The Majors recount scandalous tales of murder on Everest, panda hunting with the last Chinese Emperor, and the theft of a uniquely sordid item from the Nazi fortress Klunghammer. But why have they been under house arrest for over thirty years?

Historically accurate, morally questionable and absolutely true, SCOUNDRELS is one part Flashman to two parts Mordecai Trilogy stirred vigorously and dashed in the face of Ian Fleming. It will leave you with a nasty taste in your mouth, and horribly hungover.

“Like some sort of insane mash-up of Flashman and the Mighty Boosh, Scoundrels is a masterpiece of comedy storytelling that will have you not so much turning the pages as desperately flipping them to get to Cornwall and Trevelyan’s next insane episode.” ARNOLD WIDDOWSON, Perrier Award Winner & Producer of CRACKANORY

“I must say Scoundrels was a really enjoyable & interesting read. It has all the elements of a thriller-comedy that keep you reading till the last page.” ANDRE JACQUEMIN Monty Python & Comic Strip producer / editor

"No swash left unbuckled, no cad outdone, this book is a filthy delight and the product of diseased minds." LIZ RIGBEY, author of Summertime and Total Eclipse

“I only read a tiny excerpt from the start of the book and I couldn't stop laughing. In fact, I'm still laughing. Just fantastic.” GREG ZAIYA Chicago, Illinois