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Rabbit & Bear 3: Attack Of The Snack

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Rabbit & Bear 3: Attack Of The Snack
Publication date :
January 2018
  • Hachette Children's Books (World All Languages)
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Gorgeously illustrated and with a classic feel, this is a brilliantly funny story of a rabbit and a bear whose happy summer day is interrupted by a Mysterious Thing ... Ideal for readers moving on from picture books.

'A perfect animal double-act.' (The Times, Book of the Week)

SPLASH! A Mysterious Thing lands in Rabbit and Bear's peaceful summer lake.

Is it exciting, or terrifying? Is it a tiny fluffy owl, or a huge hungry monster? And has Rabbit finally met a creature with worse habits than himself?

Rabbit's SURE he can solve this mystery. But when he accidentally turns the Best Day Ever into the Worst Day Ever, he needs Bear's help ...

From novelist and playwright Julian Gough, and the winner of the Roald Dahl Funny Prize, Jim Field, this is a tale of friendship, acceptance, and what you can do with blueberry poo.