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Agent : Julia Silk
Adult •
Publication date :
June 2020
  • Bloomsbury (World English)
Rights sold
  • VAK Verlag (German)

Warm, generous and genuinely useful' Lynn Enright, author of Vagina: A re-education

'No better person to finally illuminate this last taboo than Luce Brett' Milli Hill, author of The Positive Birth Book

'A breath of fresh air' Anna Williamson, presenter, broadcaster and bestselling author of Breaking Mad

'If you have a bladder you should read this. If you work with people with bladders you should definitely read this' Elaine Miller, Pelvic health physiotherapist and stand-up comedian

'A feminist roar of a health memoir ... a stigma-busting, generous, funny, moving book about an important subject' David Nicholls, author of One Day

When Luce Brett became incontinent at the age of 30, after the birth of her first son, she felt her life had ended. She also felt scared, upset, embarrassed, dirty and shocked. How the hell had she ended up there, the youngest woman in the waiting room at the incontinence clinic?

PMSL is her story. A heartfelt, moving and deeply personal account of the decade that followed, told with incredible honesty and wit. Luce has been at the sharp end of a medical issue that affects 1 in 3 women but that remains shrouded in taboo and social stigma. It's sincere, raw and funny - but crucially it is the first memoir to look at incontinence, smashing the stigma and looking at what anyone affected can do to navigate their way through the wet-knickered wilderness.