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Five Steps To Financial Wellbeing

Agent : Julia Silk
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Five Steps To Financial Wellbeing
Publication date :
March 2022
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Sound and caring, this is a book we all need to read' Stylist

It's impossible to talk about wellbeing without addressing our financial wellbeing.

While it may be true that money can't buy you happiness, you will struggle to find balance and contentment in all other areas of your life when you aren't in control of your finances.

In Five Steps to Financial Wellbeing, Clare Seal walks you through five straightforward, achievable steps to take to change your relationship with money for good, and in doing so, change the rest of your life for the better.

This book also addresses the deeper fundamentals of a healthy relationship with money, from building self-worth to tackling consumerism. Five Steps to Financial Wellbeing is a toolkit to help readers of all ages and life stages establish a healthy, positive relationship with money, avoid problem debt, save and invest for the future and above all, take control of your finances instead of letting your finances control you.