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Boris Johnson: The Neverending Tory

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Boris Johnson: The Neverending Tory
Publication date :
November 2022
  • Penguin Random House UK (UK & Commonwealth)

Now that Boris Johnson has left Downing Street to spend more time with his families, you can celebrate/lament his departure with this multiple-choice adventure where you take back control. Packed with 350 million* endings, this is the perfect stocking filler this Christmas. (* - this figure may be misleading).

Yes, you are Boris Johnson, about to embark on a quest to fulfil your childhood ambition to be World King, a position so important that you will have to invent it first.

It's not going to be easy.

You will be entranced by a monster called Trump, bewitched by a sorceress called Carrie, captivated by your backbench Orcs - and royally shafted by a little hobgoblin called Michael Gove.

Not everyone wants you to be World King.

So watch out for those false turns which see you begging Prince Harry for a job, rotting in a Dubai jail, recruited by the KGB, wandering round Kabul trying to find 150 dogs to rescue, starting WWIII or mistaking wine, cheese, vomit and karaoke for a work event.

And try instead to use your magical powers to become the Emperor of this land; the star of the hit musical "Boris on Broadway"; or even the PM who leads Britain back into the EU in 2024.

Yes, you are The Neverending Tory.

And this is your story.

Kids of all ages love The Neverending Tory:

"I read the endings where he doesn't become Prime Minister again and again"

T. May, age 65, Maidenhead

"I have never been Prime Minister, but this book gave me the chance to see what it might be like"

J. Corbyn, age 73, The Allotment, North London