Greyhound Literary is a UK #1 bestseller!

Manni and Reuben Coe have had a rock’n’roll couple of months with their book,

This heartwarming account of their extraordinary journey together, drawing on the power of brotherly love, was chosen by Waterstones as their ‘Book of the Month’ for March. Canongate, publishers of the paperback, supported the campaign with nationwide poster advertising and a full PR blitz which saw Manni and Reuben on prime-time TV and radio and taking part in events around the country with, amongst others, writers Cathy Rentzenbrink and Joanna Quinn, and actor Sally Philipps. instantly hit the bestseller lists, soaring to No 1 in The Times and No 4 in The Sunday Times and staying there for well over a month.

The Brothers Coe came into the Greyhound offices to share a glass of bubbly and celebrate the success of their book with some of the team. This is the first No 1 hit for the agency since it became Greyhound Literary two years ago, the first of many more to come.

Next stage in the campaign is the Greystone Books publication of in America in early May. Watch this space!