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Baz Moffat, Dr Bella Smith and Dr Emma Ross – the coach, the GP and the scientist – came together to launch The Well in 2021. The Well is built on cutting-edge science, expertise and experience. Their mission is to change how we educate, engage and train women in sport and activity, and to make participation in sport equitable, enjoyable, successful and life-long for all. Through community, resources and support for women (and those who work closely with them), they aim to bridge the knowledge gap and enable women to become the architects of their own health, happiness and performance.

They are sought-after voices, expert in the field of women’s health and with a wealth of experience in broadcast and podcast appearances. All three are trained and experienced media spokespeople, often asked to contribute insight and analysis, comment and feedback in broadcast and print media, and increasingly on live social media and podcasts. 

Their first book, The Female Body Bible, published in May 2023 and immediately hit the Sunday Times' bestseller list.

In 2021 Dr Emma Ross was named Changemaker award at the Sunday Times’ Sportswomen of the Year. A science communicator at heart, she spent the first part of her career teaching physiology to sports science, physiotherapy and medical students. In 2013 she joined the English Institute of Sport as Head of Physiology to lead the sports scientists supporting our Olympic and Paralympic athletes, where she developed and led ground-breaking new programmes to ensure coaches, athletes and sports practitioners could better understand exercising females, their physiology and psychology.

Former Team GB rower Baz Moffat retired from the sport to launch a successful international consulting and coaching business. A prominent voice in the women’s health movement, she specialises in the pelvic floor. She has twenty years’ experience working within health, fitness and sport, and has combined this knowledge and experience with challenges in her own life to create a solid set of principles that can and do help women thrive. She works with Olympic champions trying to steal an extra millisecond as well as with women who don’t want to wet themselves when they stand up.

An NHS GP for more than twenty years, practice partner Dr Bella Smith is a women’s health advocate and an ambassador for The Eve Appeal. Under her moniker ‘The Digital GP’, she is a long-time media consultant, adding insight and opinion on women’s medical issues, the entrenched and harmful taboos in women’s health discourse, and reproductive health and wellbeing.