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Stephen Mallinder

Stephen Mallinder is a founder member of the pioneering electronic act Cabaret Voltaire, who are regarded as one of the key influences on contemporary electronic and popular music culture.  

The group’s first release, Extended Play in late 1978, represented the first domestic release for Rough Trade Records, the UK's foremost independent label followed by, A Factory Sampler, the debut release for the seminal British record label, Factory Records. The group went on to make over thirty albums for labels including Virgin and EMI and recently reissued a series of box sets though Mute Records. 

Stephen has collaborated with a host of artists and musicians including Afrika Bambaataa, Marshall Jefferson, Adrian Sherwood and worked with poet John Giorno and with William Burroughs at the Final Academy in the 1980s. 

He has worked as extensively as a journalist and broadcaster, covering both electronic music and popular culture, and - as an academic - he has published several peer-reviewed journal articles and holds a PhD in popular culture. 

Stephen currently teaches at the University of Brighton on the BA and MA Digital Music & Sound Art programmes. In addition to that, he gives keynote speeches, hosts panels and guest lectures at a number of universities in the UK and at conferences around the world. 

He continues to record and tour as part of Wrangler, as well as releasing other material under Creep Show Music, Hey Rube, Kula, and Cobby & Mallinder.