Greyhound Literary

Reuben Coe

Reuben Coe, who created all the illustrations in, has been interested in art since he was a baby. He has always drawn. But during lockdown, when his regular communication with the outside world was cut off, Reuben became an artist. Today he uses his illustrations to connect with people, creating art as part of his daily routine. Reuben loves experimenting with different media – ceramics, collage, watercolours, textiles – but his favourite medium will always be his treasured felt tip pens. 

The story of is the compelling account of Reuben’s recovery and the extraordinary journey of repair which he undertook with his brother Manni, rediscovering the depths of their brotherhood, one gradual step at a time.

Of the forthcoming paperback publication by Canongate, Reuben says, ‘Feel good about paperback. Exciting for family and friends. And whole world.’