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Neil McCormick

Neil McCormick is a journalist, broadcaster and author. He was a contributing editor at British GQ in the 1990s specialising in crime and adventure features. He has been chief music critic for the Daily Telegraph since 1996. 

Neil was a close associate of the young U2 in Dublin and played in several unsuccessful bands throughout the 80s, including Yeah! Yeah!, Shook Up! and The Ghost Who Walks. His memoir I Was Bono’s Doppelgänger was published in 2004 (retitled Killing Bono in the US). Elton John called it "the best book I have ever read about trying to make it in the music business.” It has been translated into several languages, adapted as the 2011 film Killing Bono and 2018 musical play Chasing Bono

Neil was ghostwriter of U2 By U2, the band’s bestselling 2006 autobiography. His debut novel, #Zero, was published in 2019, described by the Daily Mail as “a lively satire of today’s music industry from a rock critic with an insider’s knowledge of its daftest excesses.”