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Moin Mir

Moin Mir is the author of The Prince Who Beat the Empire: How an Indian Ruler Took on the Might of the East India Company (Amberley). The book traces the annexation of Surat, India’s greatest port, by the English East India Company and the subsequent rise and travails of the intrepid Prince of Surat, Meer Jafar Ali Khan, who becomes a symbol of Indian resistance in England and defeats the East India Company in the House of Commons in 1856.

Moin Mir was born in India and lives in London. His career in advertising and brand consultancy has taken him across Asia and Europe. He has published an English translation of Mirza Ghalib’s letters and has extensively researched the history of Sufism and cultural revivalism in India. He is a descendant of Meer Jafar Ali Khan.

“A fascinating story of triumph and fortitude in delightful prose from a forgotten chapter of our colonial past. Richly researched and painstakingly crafted.” Shashi Tharoor

“A moving story of a Prince who took on and defeated a monolithic tyrant.” Dominic West