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Matthew Shaw

Matthew Shaw is a composer, author and artist. Atmosphere of Mona, a book of prose poetry and photography was published by Annwyn House in 2020. Matthew has had writing and photography published by Caught by the River, Hotel, Resurgence & Ecologist, Louder than War and Permaculture magazine.

Releasing music since 2000 under his own name, as Tex La Homa, as well as collaborations with Shaun Ryder, The pop Group and many others. Matthew works with Shirley Collins, Brian Catling & Grant Gee on Crowlink, a project of written word, music, art installation and film.

Matthew is also a film producer, recent projects include ’The Filmmaker’s House’ a film by Marc Isaacs, Southern Journey (Revisited) directed by Rob Curry and Tim Plester and series of documentaries on arts, creativity and culture for Lush with guest including Pussy Riot, Stewart Lee, Ian Rankin and many others.