Greyhound Literary

Josh Berson

Josh Berson (1975, New York) is a tinkerer, mystic, and fashioner of exploratory fictions. Trained in anthropology and the history and philosophy of science, Josh has held appointments at two Max Planck Institutes (Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences; the History of Science), the Berggruen Institute (inaugural USC Berggruen Fellow in the Transformations of the Human), the Wellcome Hub, and the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin and is the author, among other things, of The Human Scaffold (2021), The Meat Question (2019), and Computable Bodies (2015). His writing on the deep history and possible futures of food, clothing, space, and consciousness have appeared in venues ranging from Aeon to 032c to the Melbourne style biannual Jane by The Grey Attic.

In his spare time you’ll find him hiking the desolate coasts of yon and geeking out over Casio F-91W mods, 32-bit audio recorders, and unregistered gyokuro cultivars. Josh directs the research studio Time Kitchen.