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Clare Seal

When Clare Seal reached what seemed like a breaking point in her relationship with money in spring 2019, she turned to Instagram to make herself accountable, posting anonymously about her journey out of debt as @myfrugalyear. She immediately struck a chord and now has a following of over 75K, her voice offering advice and solidarity to a growing community of people in a similar situation. She is sought out by publications such as the Telegraph, Grazia, the Guardian, Refinery29 and Huffington Post to give her opinions on topics relating to debt, money, and the challenges facing millennials. In 2020, she founded The Financial Wellbeing Forum in order to offer emotionally intelligent, judgement free guidance, and to create a space for different perspectives on money. In February 2021, she started working as Glamour UK's Money Matters columnist, addressing the questions and concerns of young women trying to navigate personal finance. Clare lives with her husband and children in South West England. Real Life Money and The Real Life Money Journal were both published by Headline in 2020. Her next book, Five Steps to Financial Wellbeing, followed in 2022.