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Alan Rickman

Everyone knows Alan Rickman, but very few ever knew more than a piece of him. In the United States he’s Alan Rickman the movie star, embodiment of the unforgettable villains of Die Hard and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. To the British he’s Alan Rickman the revered stage actor, lynchpin of the Royal Court Theatre’s second golden age in the 1980s, seducer supreme in Les Liaisons Dangereuses, seductive urbanity personified in Private Lives. Children, on the other hand, know Alan Rickman by his real name: Severus Snape. And theatre and film professionals - movie stars and hopeful newcomers alike - knew him as a colleague, mentor, activist and friend. 

Kept for twenty-five years, and profusely illustrated with his own highly accomplished drawings, Rickman’s diaries tell the story of an extraordinary career, and an extraordinary life. Funny, insightful, gloriously indiscreet and with a cast to die for, they tell the story of a compulsive theatregoer, a tireless activist, a loyal friend, and a front-rank star. 

Alan Rickman’s death came far too early. His diaries tell the story of a remarkable life, on screen and off, and all in his own inimitable voice.  Natalie Galustian represents rights on behalf of his literary estate.

The Diaries of Alan Rickman will be published in the UK by Canongate on 4 October 2022.

Other rights sold: USA (Holt); Czech (Euromedia); Hungarian (Kossuth); Polish (Poznanskie).